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Mental Math

Unlock the World of Mental Arithmetic

Nurture your mathematical abilities with our Mental Math program using ABACUS. Discover the ancient art of mental arithmetic and witness the remarkable improvements in your calculation speed, concentration, and problem-solving skills. Join us at ENSHETA and unlock the full potential of your mind.

Why join us?

  • Highly experienced trainers on board with an average of 15 years in Mental Math Training
  • Our trainers have a strong reputation within the Mental Math training community with positive testimonials
  • Certified Trainers 


  • Atlas International School
  • Dunes International School


  • Level 1: Single row of beads.
  • Level 2: Double rows of beads.
  • Level 3: Multiple rows of beads with varying values.


  • 5pm to 7pm

Fee: Speak with our expert.