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Soar to New Heights

Discover the grace and agility of badminton at ENSHETA. Our experienced instructors will help you develop your technique, footwork, and shot placement. Whether you aim to compete at a high level or simply enjoy a casual game with friends, our badminton program offers an inclusive environment where everyone can flourish.

Why join us?

  • Highly experienced coach on board with an average 10 years in badminton coaching
  • Certified Badminton Coach
  • Our coach has exceptional ability to motivate and inspire players


  • DUNES International School


  • Basic Badminton Training
    Overview of the game, scoring system & rules
    Basic Grip and Stance
    Basic Serving Techniques
  • Intermediate Badminton Training
    Advanced Stroke Techniques
    Advanced Footwork and Court Coverage
    Doubles Play Strategies
  • Advanced Badminton Training (Elite Level)
    Mastery of Deceptive Techniques
    Advanced tactical decision-making
    Exposure to high-level competition


  • 5 pm to 6 pm

Fee: Speak with our expert